Monsoons are here and with them they bring a lot of joy and cheer. What is an (un)necessary evil is the humidity which tags along. It tends to clog pores leading to pimples and fungal infections. The usual CTMS routine becomes even more important to maintain the pH of the skin. One should wash their face 2-3 times a day with an oil reducing face wash and tone daily with an alcohol free toner, preferably at night. Its a myth that we do not require moisturiser and sunscreen in monsoons. You should choose a light weight and non comedogenic (meaning one that will not block your open pores and give you acne) moisturiser. Same goes for a sunscreen as clouds may hide the sun but UV rays still enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week with a mild scrub. Bathe twice a day and dry yourself thoroughly, specially in folds to prevent fungal infections. Wear loose and cotton clothes which let sweat evaporate and help your skin breathe. Drink lots of water as you are losing some through sweat, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Wash your hair more frequently than you would do in winters. When you’ll feel good, you’ll look good! Make the most of this weather by following these tips!

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