What hurts more than a heart break? Hair fall…..

It’s a joke but try telling that to a person who’s having hair fall. Males and females both suffer from this benign but worrisome condition. Although up to 100 strands a day loss is normal, the person still goes in panic mode when he/ she sees the amount of hair fall that is visible in the bathroom sink or pillow. If it’s more than that, it indicates some disease process going on inside the body. In males, an important reason is genetics, both from father’s and mother’s side. Males usually start balding in front and on crown area, and it can start as early as in twenties. The roots in male pattern baldness or Androgenetic alopecia gets miniaturised and then completely disappear under the influence of the male hormone.This can be exacerbated in case of inadequate diet, improper care and stress. In females, genetics play a part but equally important are the nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes, chemical treatments of the hair and stress. Hair fall can also increase in monsoons as hair root tends to swell up due to humidity and then hair will fall. A nutritious diet rich in protein and iron will help in curbing hair fall, as well as treating water to remove its hardness. A mild sulphate and paraben free shampoo will help matters further. There are many treatments available, which can be customised according to your requirement. Don’t ignore your hair fall, it can be treated!

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