Winters constrict the oil and sweat glands in our body and blood vessels. This makes it difficult for the skin to keep itself glowing and healthy naturally, and that’s why it needs special attention. Here are few tips that are easy to follow, and could easily be a part of your daily routine.

Wash yourself with Lukewarm Water

Who doesn’t love to have a hot showers when the weather is cold. But for the love of your skin, avoid having them. In its place, prefer using lukewarm water to wash your face as hot water can dry the skin quickly and can develop cracks and winter eczema in your skin. It’s always recommended to apply a moisturizer after using lukewarm water. This will keep the skin moisturized and prevent dryness.

Pick your Skin Care Products Wisely

Your happy skin care products of summer can actually make you sad during winters. It’s always recommended to change your skin care products accordingly. For a healthy and glowing winter skin, always use mild skin care products that contain moisturizers. Avoid peels and masks, astringent lotions, and any other product that holds alcohol as they tend to dry the skin during winter.

Avoid Exfoliating Your Skin A Lot

Even though exfoliating skin time to time helps in getting rid of dead cells, but you must be careful during winters as your skin barrier is already suffering due to the cold and dry weather. Its recommended to exfoliate the skin once a week as it helps in better product absorption and increasing skin regeneration. Also, you must exfoliate your skin depending on your skin type. For combination and oily skin, once a week is fine. But if you have dry skin, try to lightly exfoliate your skin.

Hydrate yourself from Inside Out

High in water content food can help your skin hydrate from inside out. Try having enough zinc and vitamin C to support the healthy production of elastin and collagen. Consumption of more flaxseed and fatty fish can give your skin the building blocks it needs to get smooth.

Take Care of Your Diet

Consume as much seasonal veggies and fruits as you can. Berries are incomparable sources of antioxidants and vitamins that your skin needs to stay healthy during the winters. Also, if you are not hydrating yourself enough, you can cover that up with soups, fruits, salads, juices, and milk. This will help your body get the nutrients your skin need to be healthy.

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